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Joy of the unknown

Joy of The Unknown

I cannot feel my legs, my heads getting light
I cannot feel my arms, my chests getting tight
And theres nothing I can do to shake this
And theres no way I can do anything to fake this
I know that my minds not gone, this is the joy
Of the unknown

Sometimes I fear more what is the established truth
For you know the pain it makes you feel

I will run into danger
If it was to save the only life
That could win your heart and win your love
Joy of the unknown has me uncensored

Joy of the unknown, I dont want to be in control

I am prepared to lose the way
To find the heart that will be mine until end of days
And here comes the feeling when you are close
Joy of the unknown, no fear do I know

I cannot change what will be
If I go trying to make the world see
Then I wont make anything beautiful become
In eyes of strangers, they wont feel the joy (of the unknown)

I have lost days fearing what I know
So to another place I must belong
And when the rain falls, I will let it was away
Everything I wanted but never needed in my life

Joy of the unknown, I dont want to be in control

Joy of the unknown, I dont want to be in control

And pain can come and it wont change
So I will let my hear feel something dangerous and unknown
How the joy grows and grows and grows
And you will take me into a world I dreamed but never knew

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