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Happy Birthday, Friend

Release yourself from the past as it cannot be revisited and transition yourself into the present, a much more hopeful and beautiful world that is your own make it your own/ Battle through it all, regardless of fears and cuts that are faced, soon they will become badges of pride. Fear is a mighty foe but running from it surely guarantees a life filled with regrets and chances not taken, attempting surely outweighs regret. Bravery is not self-deception, live life now, free of worry, and your own life, paving your road that you want to travel, rather than following someone else’s route. Only then will you truly be happy and forget other’s judgments and hearsay. In the end, life is incredibly short and in a blink of an eye you have aged. Only to have realized that life is the same distance to death than looking back into your youth. Be the person whom you want to be; fear is only mental and cannot hurt you just as will smith said “Fear is a choice” getting through it will make you unstoppable. Be happy and love yourself, you are a year wiser, yet there is so much left learn. You are a beautiful young woman who is rapidly growing into society, I want to remind you not to forget to have fun and know your worth. From the moment you were born, you were destined to change people’s lives and as so, you have changed mine and it began with your smile, just as that smile has has changed so many others. Like your smile, your personality has brighten my days when all else seemed dark and grim. You have shined your grace on me and therefore, I thank you and god for having created you and placing you in my path. If we ever stop talking because of world’s busy schedule or life’s changes, know that you have made a difference from the day that you were born, in your parent’s lives and in mine when we crossed paths. I wish for you to enjoy many more birthdays, good fortune, adventure, happiness, and unconditional love from friends and family. May I be granted the privilege to know you a whole joyous lifetime.

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