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Happy Birthday Nancy.

Today is a special day
For many years ago on this date God send a blessing our way
A little baby sister we though was so neat we called her Nancy
So today sis dress up and be real fancy.

Celebrate in many ways
As I send many wishes for your birthday
You are the baby of the family
My youngest sister who grew much much taller then me.

Through the years we also became friends
A big birthday hug and much love to you I send
Eat a little cake and ice-cream to
Oh yes chocolate nothing else would do.

So get some nestles chocolate bars and go on eat a few
Have a birthday full of fun
Happy birthday to my baby sister for you are a special one.

love Mary.


I`ve been blessed because you`re a special sister to me
In my life a sister, A close friend you will always be
So I wrote this to send birthday wishes from my heart
These special wishes are for things that can`t be bought

I`d like to start by wishing you a beautiful sunny birthday
Through the day may many blessings come your way
Sending special wishes for your birthday to be just great
And then in the evening time I hope you can celebrate

Have a cake and ice cream chips and soda pop too
Hope you have friends over and many presents for you
We all have birthday`s and we need to celebrate each one
For no matter how old we get , I think it`s still kind of fun

I wish for you many many years ahead all in good health
And may your life be blessed with a new found wealth
May He bless you everyday with happiness and sunshine
As He has blessed me, by making you a sister of mine..

Happy Birthday Nancy Love your sister Dot

please click on the video for the song.thanks.

This is a collaborations write from libra and just-little-me
for our younger sister-Nancy.

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