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Happy Birthday Shirley.

Many birthday wishes I will send
To my special sister, My special friend
Sending many wishes but to start
I have a special wish from my heart
I wish for your birthday all day long
That you feel really good and strong
This year you`ve been through so much
So my first wish is for God`s healing touch

I wish brighter days and peaceful nights to
Nothing but sunshine and happiness for you
When it comes to sister`s you`re a special one
You`ve been there for me ,since my life begun
You are truly a blessing ,I'm not sending one wish
I`m sending many wishes for my special big sis
May you`re birthday bring blessings from above
Along with all these wishes I send you my love

Happy Birthday Shirley Love You`re little sis Dorothy.

I send birthday wishes and prayers to
Just for you
Tomorrow is your birthday getting younger each year
You are my special sister we share joy and tears
You are very special to me
And always will be
I hope you have many blessings from the Lord above
As I write these lines fill with love.

I know things are hard to get through
As I send birthday wishes I'm praying for you
You are the oldest of us 4 gals
We are not just sisters we are also best pals
You are sweet and thoughtful to
I ask God to watch over you
I send this poem across the miles from me to you
I wish you good health and lot's of joy to.

Happy Birthday and extra prayers, love Mary.

A collaboration write from Dorothy=libra my sister and me=just little me for our oldest sister-Shirley.

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