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Symphony for Marriage

May your marriage be a symphony
Every note a sound of love
A sweet melody of joining hearts
Blessed from the one above

May your marriage be a symphony
May your love forever be
May your desire for each other
Keep growing daily for all eternity

May your marriage be a symphony
A duet of harmonizing heartbeats
A shared tune full of devotion
A composition which your life completes

May your marriage be a symphony
And your words of amore be the song
May you always share an infinite love
And true friendship for all lifelong

May your marriage be a symphony
One of trust and faithfulness
Giving everything to each other
A union that God can only bless

May your marriage be a symphony
An intimate joining of body, mind and soul
A consecration of sanctity to each other
Two halves that make a whole

May your marriage be a symphony
When the music's happy or sad
May the orchestra keep playing
When the news is good or bad

May your marriage be a symphony
May you be each others light
May you keep the music playing
Throughout both the day and night

May your marriage be a symphony
May your fire keep burning in your heart
And remember love is patient and kind
Now it's time for your symphony to start

May your marriage be a symphony
An anthem of endless love to proclaim
A life celebrated and shared together
One love, one life, one flame.

May your marriage be a symphony.

Dedicated to Sharon and Andrew in celebration of your marriage.

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