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You and your brother found two coin purses laying in the mud of the street. You had noticed others pass them by, but you stopped to retrieve them in the hopes you would find something of value within.
Inside one, as you each shook out the contents, you found forty eight cents. Inside the other you found fifty two cents. You must decide which your brother can have and which one you’ll keep. With so little difference in the contents, does it really matter all that much? Surely not even worth arguing over. When spending either, you can buy about the same. However, with one containing seventy five cents and the other twenty five cents, there would have been cause for a clear preference.

Considering that, of those who voted in the 2012 presidential election, causing as outcome, a 48 to 52 split, it appears neither group found themselves too enthused over their choices. Of course, one must also consider the fact that well over half the people of the nation no longer even bother to vote; don’t feel it worth their bother to bend over and pick up either coin purse from the mud there in the street. The selection was too plainly not of enough value to enough people to incite the needed interest. That has been the reaction of The People for too long!

It doesn’t require a genius to notice the problems of the government we originally created, then tweaked repeatedly to suit our needs. It has been tweaked once too often by both the people and the governing bodies. We have allowed the creation of a series of agencies that now so fully fail to satisfy or excite our vote, most don’t bother to vote at all. And, the few who do manage the act, vote so indecisively they nearly balance one another out.
Does this reaction represent the supposed thrill of participation while deciding how we would be represented?
Rather than clear waters flowing freely down a mountain stream, Americans now more closely resemble a mud bank that has barely reached the point of saturation at which it may begin a slow, mucky slide downward.
What is wrong with The People?
Is there now less interest in our government than in how we would prefer to be governed? Must we begin the process anew and rewrite the rules for those we would select to a term of governing us?
Americans have striven, from our beginning as a nation, for true representation. If the majority now feel the coin purse contains too little of interest to them to even bother making a clear decision of whether or not to even bother to pick it up, that means something has gone terribly wrong in our values as a people.
Maybe it is now time to use the two purses together in order that we share in something the vast majority can consider to be worthy of retrieving.
Could we build one new party, or even two, that the majority of Americans will once more recognize value in; stoop to pick up? Believe their goals will be represented?
Our system has failed us, as have the purposes and goals of our major governing parties and politicians.
We now have good cause to begin rebuilding that system.
We are America, Land of The Free.
WE, The People, ARE our own governing force.
We can fill a coin purse so overflowing that nobody will just leave it laying in the street.

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