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 delete delete        (More) 8/27/2014
 delete delete        (More) 8/27/2014
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 Who Are You....What are you... mizclaws        (More) 8/21/2014
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 delete delete        (More) 8/12/2014
 delete delete        (More) 8/8/2014
 Doomed to go to Hell randy-johnson        (More) 8/8/2014
 Dark Journeys mizclaws        (More) 8/8/2014
 what if? moon spirit        (More) 8/7/2014
 CURSETH THEE poetalthomas        (More) 8/6/2014
 delete delete        (More) 8/4/2014
 TWO ANGELS poetalthomas        (More) 8/3/2014
 Apprentice mizclaws        (More) 8/3/2014
 RED poetalthomas        (More) 8/2/2014
 Darkness Prevails Emotionalman        (More) 8/2/2014
 RUN BAD MAN poetalthomas        (More) 8/1/2014
 Remember Salem Lostangel        (More) 8/1/2014
 The Exorcist - (Rondeau) tony parsons        (More) 8/1/2014
 Cracks TinaLouiseUK        (More) 8/1/2014
 Dream of Me when I Go silentheart        (More) 8/1/2014
 Gaza .. Song of death cambridge_train        (More) 7/31/2014
 Jar of tears TinaLouiseUK        (More) 7/31/2014
 delete delete        (More) 7/31/2014
 I am your season Lostangel        (More) 7/31/2014
 delete delete        (More) 7/31/2014

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So they say
The truth will set you free
They say it's the only way
Are they crazy

When you go unheard
Continually ignored
Words deferred
Completely discarded

When betrayed
For no reason at all
You become frayed
But refuse to fall

When judged for no reason
Guilty before innocent
The truth becomes treason
A liar in an instant

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