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 mourning tea sundeath        (More) 9/28/2014
 Bonnie and Clyde randy-johnson        (More) 9/28/2014
 Bring Me Out foreverinlove        (More) 9/28/2014
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 Mayerling, A Poem In Nine Stanzas Seryddwr        (More) 9/25/2014
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 the one named death sundeath        (More) 9/24/2014
 one and the other sundeath        (More) 9/24/2014
 sandman sundeath        (More) 9/24/2014
 the man in white sundeath        (More) 9/24/2014
 the dialogue between good and evil sundeath        (More) 9/22/2014
  Memories cambridge_train        (More) 9/22/2014
 Eternally Deep blue ocean        (More) 9/22/2014

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Shadows on my soul
the raven creeps deep within
dark, mysterious
in the shadows
where does understanding begin
Languishing on a black velvet bed
lies the witches head
someone had killed her
I wonder just who
it was evident tho
she was thoroughly dead
Poe laughed
and the raven flew in circle's
for Nerverland was
but a distant memory
where childhood atrocities
were but an adult's evil intentions
I write in blood red ink
from open wounds
where ignorance and intolerance
have judged me as guilty and wanting
Think not to walk thru my mind
you couldn't handle
what you would find
for I am a survivor
from a childhood holocaust
I am me
I roar ever so sweetly


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