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out with the trash

i am no longer paid attention when expressing myself.
i am being ignored by my superiors, even when inquiring of my role.
i am being marginalized, trivialized and emotionally paralyzed.

shakespeare wrote that, “all the world’s a stage…..”
my stage is in front of a stark, black backdrop.
this enables the puppeteer to work the strings unseen.

i am but a marionette, dancing for an audience of empty chairs.
i am but a mannequin, clothed in garb of others’ choosing.
i am but an empty vessel, filled with the ghosts of human thought.

i walk the city streets cloaked in my invisibility.
the tattered sheets on my bed mask my feelings and my pain.
the façade in which I dwell hides my humanity.
and also seeks to end it.

riki_ryme © 2014

Written for the No Frills Challenge

Moderator: kajuncutie (Myrna D.)

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