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I was sitting, musing on mummies and sand
Pyramids, mastabas, and Egyptian rings
Just to see where these thoughts might land
If I could only fly on Hathor's wings

I could picture warriors, swordsmen and lancers
Underground chambers, in the valley of kings
Lives of farmers, scribes, and temple dancers
Tutankammon, Nefertiti, Aknaton and things

Solar Disc as one God, Inovative or revelation?
Too advanced for priests,central hub,Central Sun
Plot devised by a holy one, without reservation
I wondered, was any one punished, probably none

As dust formed an Egyptian Girl, my neck grew numb
She said something in an ancient tongue, I'd known
Hi daddy it's my birthday, you promised you'd come,
Hugged and kissed me,then left, in the dust that'd grown

My God it's Seralla, my only child, struck down by priest
A coward, Running from striking down Pharoh
Fifteen years old, birthday today, I had planned a feast,
back thousands of years! I thought of minds o' so narrow

All the strength drained from me, O God I feel weak
I was only here, just a plain tourist,where people plunder
my head was spinning, she was real, I felt meek
I kept a promise a millennium, I just sat there in wonder

Now i'm at home, and it had all seemed so real
I remember her name her face and my promise
I tell you, For I am a poet, and write what I feel
I have a daughter,I love my Girl, Yet Seralla I miss.....

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