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Gareth Part II - The Green Knight

Part I is posted at

But yet .. The black armor was well-crafted far more
resistant to arrow and mace
than my battered gear, and before we left there
I donned the black armor
to face what we'd face

Between rose-hued aspen and black spruce, we passed then
and poplars of autumn-bright gold
up shadowy canyons, past stone crenelations
toward peaks tipped with winter
and stark barren cold.

The green knight seemed haloed with umbers and yellows
as out of the shadows he rode.
'My brother!' He shouted, and then disconcerted
he stopped. On his face
the bewilderment showed.

'My good condotierri, how come you to wearing
the armor of one noble-born?'
Before I could answer, the lady said 'Please sir
don't blame me. This soldier
slew him yester-morn.

'He may have deserved it. I've often observed that
my brother sought mayhem and strife.
But yet, he was family, and honor demands me
to seek to avenge
take his slaughterer's life.

'I'm bound for the court of the king to report
and to bring him this lady - his kin.
'I can't now delay. If you'll point me the way
I will finish that task
then return here again.'

'I'll see to the lady when I have dispatched ye
deliver her safely to court.
We'll meet as two champions, won't call our companions
to fight by our sides
but we'll vie à la mort.

We braced our bright lances, approached at fast canters
then sped to a four-beated gait.
His spear grazed my helm and almost overwhelmed me
but mine hit him square
on an iron armor plate.

The loud crash and clang filled the whole of my brain
fairly dazed me though I kept my seat.
And he hit the ground and lay still, not a sound
maybe dead, maybe stunned
but he lay in defeat.

'I say honor's fulfilled, even if no one's killed.'
I dismounted. I cut his helm free
and pulled it away from a face ashen-gray
with its eyes rolled back white
as he lolled lifelessly.

There I crouched without words, with my misericorde
at his neck. Then I asked 'Do you yield?
His eyes clenched. He gasped breath, I knew then that grim death
had not claimed him. He nodded.
'Then let's leave the field.'

He winced when he breathed, and he'd broken his knee
in the fall, and for now could not ride.
But he'd heal, I believed, and I felt quite relieved
that the Green Knight survived-
(and I too had not died.)


'I'm on the King's business. I've no time for prisoners.
I'd set you free now, if you'd pledge
on your knight's sacred honor - your family no longer
the death of the Black Knight
will seek to avenge.'

The Green Knight was rueful. 'A knight must be truthful.
I can't swear for all of my kin.
The sons of my father will honor my promise
but the kin of my mother
are something again.'

'Then swear too you'll stand against all not con-sanguine to you
who'd attack me or mine
and then go in peace with your men, I release you
with only your word
your knight's honor to bind.'

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