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 FOLLOW THROUGH poetalthomas        (More) 4/24/2014
 Georgia Rose SuperSlimJim        (More) 4/23/2014
 Atlanta Spring Time Flower SuperSlimJim        (More) 4/23/2014
 “A Child’s Utopia” persiankhushi        (More) 4/23/2014
 Leaving Behind mizclaws        (More) 4/19/2014
 'Day Dreaming' persiankhushi        (More) 4/17/2014
 King From Hell mizclaws        (More) 4/13/2014
 scattered matter riki_ryme        (More) 4/12/2014
 Hope mizclaws        (More) 4/12/2014
 Skys at War mizclaws        (More) 4/11/2014
 Moths in Flowers SuperSlimJim        (More) 4/9/2014
 Beastly Women mizclaws        (More) 4/7/2014
 I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 4/6/2014
 Unicorn Steed starstruck13        (More) 4/6/2014
 Dreamscape...pt3 mizclaws        (More) 4/6/2014
 Dreamscape...pt2 mizclaws        (More) 4/6/2014
 Dreamscape....Pt 1 mizclaws        (More) 4/6/2014
 I'M SO BLUE. poetalthomas        (More) 4/4/2014
 Mystik Mysts mizclaws        (More) 4/2/2014
 Castle Lore Jane_Eaves        (More) 3/30/2014
 Once Again My Dreams Were Hiding Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 3/29/2014
 Purple Passion the Flower SuperSlimJim        (More) 3/27/2014
 Seeking Freedom jtoddunderhill        (More) 3/26/2014
 My Treasure In Pink Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 3/24/2014
 IN THE MIDDLE OF A DREAM Bengieske        (More) 3/23/2014
 Pandora's Box Blessed614        (More) 3/21/2014
 Ryan and the Leprechaun FallingLeaf        (More) 3/17/2014
 BEYOND BOUNDARIES hearmymind        (More) 3/16/2014
 SEASON of SNOWS Lou1216        (More) 3/16/2014
 Vah Doe Vah assisi        (More) 3/14/2014

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Doesn't mean a thing,
the motion of a moment,
You don't follow through.

It's just lip service,
if you say,''I love the Lord'',
but actions don't prove.

All Stars Challenge with Gracie_B (Ann)

''the motion of a moment''

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