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 Tea Time Starlight1        (More) 9/15/2014
 My sisters love Starlight1        (More) 9/15/2014
 THERE'S SOME USE poetalthomas        (More) 9/14/2014
 Best friends Starlight1        (More) 9/6/2014
 You will Always be my loved one SuperSlimJim        (More) 9/1/2014
 How sweet it is to be loved by you Starlight1        (More) 8/31/2014
 To All You Here ellie58        (More) 8/31/2014
 My Beloved Friend. B.G.Ryan        (More) 8/30/2014
 Get well wish for sweet starlite Dorothy Starlight1        (More) 8/29/2014
 Blessings for you today Starlight1        (More) 8/29/2014
 delete delete        (More) 8/28/2014
 delete delete        (More) 8/26/2014
 A Fete For The Soul Suvasini        (More) 8/23/2014
 Happy teddy bears day Starlight1        (More) 8/22/2014
 Sweet joys Starlight1        (More) 8/18/2014
 Welcome to my morning Starlight1        (More) 8/16/2014
 Friendships Starlight1        (More) 8/15/2014
 Silver Butterfly SuperSlimJim        (More) 8/15/2014
 Tracy PrairieFlax        (More) 8/14/2014
 Daisies Starlight1        (More) 8/13/2014
 Starlight tony parsons        (More) 8/12/2014
 THANK YOU FRIEND Zuzanna        (More) 8/11/2014
 A sweet day to celebrate friendship Starlight1        (More) 8/5/2014
 Joyful words Starlight1        (More) 8/2/2014
 Dear God Starlight1        (More) 8/1/2014
 Friendship Starlight1        (More) 8/1/2014
 Childhood best friends Starlight1        (More) 7/31/2014
 CLARA GOD LOVES YOU poetalthomas        (More) 7/31/2014
 A Real Friend silentheart        (More) 7/31/2014
 Sister Raven Lostangel        (More) 7/30/2014

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Tea Time

Tea time with best friends, a delightful treat
A spoonful of sugar delicious and sweet

Homemade scones with yummy blueberries blue
Cheers, I love being best friends with you

Short and sweet
Phrase- Spoon full of sugar
Hostess- Autumn Jewel

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