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The Hot Rod Scare Crow


too much choke
mixture too rich
exotic vapor trails
in blue drifting rifts
hanging in the air

It looked like a scarecrow driving
an old rattletrap jalopy
of dilapidated decrepitude
It's aromatic smells
lingering by the road

he raised a cloud of dust
swaying and swerving by
In a hurry his chaos implied
stopping in a deafening silence by the
old cemetery down the way

Before he went by he lost a fender
After he passed he lost his hood
That's how we both knew
he was up to no good

'Get in the house' our mother screamed
'It's the escapee from the mental asylum'
Lickety split to the house we ran
But not before
we heard the sirens

copyright 5 24 2014

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