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No More Suffering For Alexis

Alexis went to Heaven to be with her Mommy
She suffered so much, healing was just not to be
A sweet young lady sent down here on this earth
But she suffered so much from the day of her birth
Her family loved her and they did all they could do
To brighten her life up and give her a smile or two
She was born with heath problems from day one
The doctor`s and family did all that could be done
She was born with her organs outside of her body
They did so many surgeries, you would`nt believe
She always needed oxygen to help with breathing
But now she is in Heaven at home with the king

Now for Alexis no more will there be suffering or pain
For Jesus looked down and softly He called her name
Her grandma and grandpa took care of her every day
It was just three years ago her mother passed away
She was loved so much and just turned 18 years old
A sweet smile,a sweet young lady, A heart made of gold
Jesus looked and saw her suffering and in so much pain
He looked to her mom and softly He called out her name
Alexis is a beautiful angel in her mother arms once more
I pray for her family, I know they will miss her for sure.
She is in Heaven, She left beautiful memories behind
For her family to cherish forever in their heart and mind..

( Rest In Peace Alexis )
Prayers for the family

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