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Those Left Behind

The news came fast.
No warnings.
No sickness....
but a death sentence non-the-less.

A routine test.
More meds for an old wound.
Same 'ol, same 'ol.
'Um, the test results changed.'

Stupid stares.
Words not yet understood.
Specialists assigned.
A tumor deep inside.


Fight or flight decision time.
Fight eats away at funds already tight.
Flight means saying goodbye...
To those left behind.

Life already scarred me.
Lessons to others already instilled.
Growing old and stale so lonely.
FLIGHT for those left behind.

No tears allowed.
Taught my loves to be strong.
A locket of ashes for each to wear.
Always close to those left behind.

Ready to go.
Hope enough 'I love you's' will carry them through.
Taking my place with those already loved and gone.
I live in those left behind.

I am that sudden breeze you feel.
I am that star shining so bright.
I am the butterfly brushing your shoulder.
I am the candle in the darkest night.

Never gone.
Always beside you.
Love never ending.
For those left behind.

To MINE being left behind....

Love is ever changing,
embrace how I must love you now!
Touch your heart.
There I always will be!

~~Robin Dawn Pinkham-Palmer

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