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Those Chosen Few

The child in me still shivers at slightest hints of a disrupting atmosphere.
I liken my walks on stretches of the Pacific to thunder on the gulf shore.
Pulsing in ocean or sky, rhythmic fury, calmed my uncontrollable fear!
I learned,be cautious of current undertow and the sudden overhead roar.

We took a day trip to Newbrighten Beach. We caught rhythms of wave...
We felt warm gritty sand between toes while licking salt air off our lips.
Ocean rumblings became the backdrop for pensive thoughts he gave.
His sightless eyes heard my words and cries of sinking battleships.

Stroking his beard like Sig Frued might do, he'd help oust any mind fogs,
Casually he asked, 'How many friends will you know in your lifetime?'
'Gosh, I dunno, why'd ya ask?'(Here it comes, one of those 'talks')
He ignored my question. I took the baited hook. He threw me a guideline.

'I know a lot of people Debbie; acquaintances and my very close friends
Friends will equally share intimate thoughts and I trust them with my life...
I have only a chosen few who I'm assured will truly care and comprehend.'
So there it was and here it is ...I came to this journey ...
... a handful of true friends... and we learn to be wise...

Author Note:
My brother lost his sight at age 29 due to
complications from Diabetes (type one at age six).
He was the most fascinating man and I say with pride, my brother.
I have written very little about him...but after completing this poem...
.I intend (Lord willing) to spend time looking back
at his amazing life through poetry.

Simplicity Challenge
Host: Always My Words, Pete
How many_____________will you know in your lifetime?

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