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 I LOVE FOOT PUMPS Biggus        (More) 7/16/2014

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Our love is like a summer day
So beautiful and bright,
Our love is so passionate
Our love is romantic
Like the stars at night.

Don't you think so darling?
Hang on I'm doing up me bra,
Me knickers have got twisted
What do you expect me to say
When we're in the back of a car.

I suppose it was not very romantic
But I couldn't help it I laughed,
She had put my pants on the wrong way
And on me her knickers were far to tight
We laughed so much it was so daft.

We still laugh at it to this day
But we're still so in love tis true,
Asense of humour can go a long way
And forty years later we still have a laugh
About the night our knickers got in a stew,

Total fiction on my part LOL

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