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 Macaroons Lou1216        (More) 4/21/2014
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 HOW MANY PENSIONERS DOES IT TAKE? Biggus        (More) 4/17/2014
 ARE YOU WEARING A MONOCLE? Biggus        (More) 4/17/2014
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 AFTER HENRI HAD BEEN TO THE DENTIST Biggus        (More) 4/14/2014
 ARE YOU WEARING IT FOR A GIGGLE? Biggus        (More) 4/14/2014
 SPIT AND SPLIT Bengieske        (More) 4/13/2014

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Where have all the macaroons gone

Did they come at dusk and leave by morn,

So it seems it can't be wrong

If chocolate and almond are memory's tongue,

Holidays seem to come and go

But macaroons, my waist may show

That tell how I gained some weight

For tasty splurges ruled my plate,

So, I ask, where have they gone,

With macaroons, my wait is worn

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