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coach's way

when the referee’s lenient, acting judicial,
you protest and shout, but the call is official.
i instruct the team to be absolutely docile,
with a juke and a feint, “we’ll SHOW them agile!”
“We’ll stay within the rules, playing it straight,
then we’ll show that team a hybrid…good AND great!,”
“we’ll make them show frustration, their ignominious side,
then we’ll play even harder to step on their pride.”

if you think this is a bad way to teach football
you’re right, I shouldn’t be teaching at all.
so I’ll temper my melancholy, be casual and cool;
then a nom de plume at another school.

riki_ryme © 2014

Written for Potpourri of Poetry Challenge
Hosted by abbasewe (Deb)

Words Used: absolutely, feint, hybrid, ignominious, judicial, lenient, melancholy and 'nom de plume.

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