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You're My Heart Of Gold


Oh Golden Girl you are my heart's desire,
I've loved you since on the net we first met.
Golden Girl you are my delight and fire,
You are my heart of gold, I'm in your debt.
Oh my love you have long loved me dearly,
You have written poetry for me truly,
Your love is lavish, your love smothered me,
You made me a king in your company.
Oh Golden Girl you are my heart's desire,
I love you with a love that dearly longs
To be with you always, always on fire.
You are my shooting star, my book of songs.
You are my heart of gold and in your debt
I praise you, brag of you on the internet.


With more glories than the breaths of spring breeze
And the sun's first rise over the hills lofty,
Building his beams on the bosom of valleys
The Goddess dresses her page beautifully,
All around the world absorbed readers read
But I alone have been to sweet heaven;
Seen golden rounded breasts perfumed for bed
Which would be poetry for all youths and men.
Her lively looks her sprightly mind affirm
Quick as her eyes that match her long gold hair
Bright as the sun, oh how can but heads turn?
And like the sun her words shine everywhere.
The self same sun shines on us miles apart -
That sun warmed my heart - 'twas not Cupid's dart.


I think of you - my thoughts do breathe and sigh
For you as those ruby lips brush my brow,
As those cheeks bloom with love-wishes that fly
Ten thousand miles from your summer bower.
I think of you - my thoughts do rise not fall
For there's warmth in that breast which comes from fire;
Those love-darting eyes flicker in my soul
Right from your summer bower of desire.
I think of you - my thoughts do glow with love
For your Russian cheeks do beckon Irish lips
While melting music plays on clouds above
And the ten thousand to a zero slips.
I think of you - my thoughts do move my tongue;
I speak to you in spirit that's forever young.


Love me not for silver in my beard and hair,
For brown kindly eyes or pleasing broad smile
Nor any outward part, suggesting dare
Or strong length of limb to sprint a fast mile.
No, nor for my large heart never distant
For they all may fail much against our will;
As time moves on, things change, are not constant
So you and I may grow apart - a pill
Though bitter in this day and age, exists.
Keep therefore a true woman's eye on me,
Love me though you know not why love persists
So you have the same reason so lovely
As when you first discovered love's pleasure,
To dote on me forever and ever!


Oh tell me Soul of her whom I love so,
Tell me secrets only sweet souls know true;
To what delightful time left will we go,
Appointed true lovers who prove faults few?
Surely distance troubles not a soul's mind
For your heart not of this world has more sway
Than human minds I would say, so be kind
Tell me dear Soul will we together stay
Forever and a day my love and I?
I trust that you and love work hand in glove
And faith you fill our minds with so we sigh.
It seems Soul you and my soul planned our love.
Oh tell me Soul of her whom I love so
Tell me where she dreams tonight - let me go!


Shall I compare you to a butterfly?
You're more delicate and more beautiful
Though monarchs have grand markings for the sky,
Missions holy - no match for your sweet soul.
Softer than a butterfly is your smile
That alights gently on those around you.
You're more purposeful, shorter's your mile.
Short is the butterfly's stay it is true;
Your beauteous wings, never will they rest,
Never to fade in their lovely markings
So long as men put beauty to the test;
So long lives my butterfly of kings.
And that long will my love be amazed still
Wanting a love forever, with your love's thrill.


You are a lovely girl, lovely and true
Who has come to show the wide world beauty
Of the place where you are - Nature loves you!
But your chief love has been romancing me.
You've been to Heaven and return you will
To show the shining of your love below,
To tell how Nature asked me to fulfil
Your longing on Earth - how you seduced me so!
Every star rains its light upon my eyes;
I've seen, as it should be seen, Earth's beauty.
No man can be so blessed before he dies
Without such love as you've showered on me.
Love came to me through poetry on the net;
Now my heart reels and dances - the best love yet!


You are your own mistress as is the night
Who claims from time, power over day's sway
Showing all that is best of dark and bright,
The stars your eyes, the moon your smile at play.
Meet we in your manner and eyes twinkling
A tender light that rash day denies all;
Soft as a cloud on which moonlight's beaming
Are your cheeks and lips which in kindness call.
The rough-house ways of day's reign you forsake
Foreign, not friendly with your inner self.
As mistress of your heart you give not take,
The sweetness of stars and moon are your wealth.
I will love you till my forever's spent,
Love your dear heart whose love is innocent.


Oh Happiness you have such tenderness
Borrowed I guess from the Goddess of Gold
To give to girls and lads who love confess
And gardenia garlands for them to hold.
Oh Happiness you have such rare sweetness
Borrowed I guess from the Goddess of Smiles
To give to teenagers with dreams you bless,
The moon beaming on them from many miles.
Oh Happiness you have such loveliness
Borrowed I guess from the Goddess of Love
To give to all lovers as they caress,
To all kissing lips apart as they move.
To Happiness I give a welcome smile;
Oh dear Goddess you've taught me well, with style.


Oh who can live in a heart so happy
With bare feet and free as the Golden Girl?
Who upon the soft green grass looks so pretty,
May at pleasure sit and walk, twist a curl
And under the bright blue skies watch the sun rise
While she hears in the poplar tree birds sing
As though in answer to a lover's cries,
See her cat on the balcony wish to spring,
Feel the wind that waves the flag she loves?
Are these not with a thousand more sure signs
That with such happiness her heart beat moves
Another heart who's walked there though now pines?
Who can live in a heart so sad for long?
Not he - for the call to her side's too strong!


Let me not to the union of two hearts
Allow two cities raise road blocks too long
Nor the sky's storms delay a love flight's start
Nor war make love unsafe where I belong.
Love removes impossibility.
Not the road block, storm or war is the cause
Of waning love, nor is the love faulty -
The true enemy of love's despair's jaws.
Love is ever fixed on its course to be
The beauty that love is, was, ever.
Love loses not hope - humans not love see
Obstacles, hurdles, any barrier.
While two lovers hope, love works miracles;
When one despairs, then it seems, time love fools.


I have not been shut out of my own heart
Because you my love are so far from me.
No inaudible dreams - wild pleasures dart,
For my heart is an unquiet thing you see.
My spirit's not idling way over here,
By echo or mirror it hears and sees
With unclosed lids and an unblocked sharp ear
Your sweet voice, your lovely form that does please.
Oh my body has seen and heard clearly
Beautiful Baby your gentle breathings
Which no doubt opened my shut heart to me
Though usually your love my email brings.
So I've not been shut out of my own heart
As you can see though we are far apart.

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