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 You beckon me to come closer adreamer2        (More) 7/25/2014
 Your love Starlight1        (More) 7/25/2014
 I Fell In Love With You David A. Doolan        (More) 7/25/2014
 Do you remember olderandbolder        (More) 7/24/2014
 Making Meaning David A. Doolan        (More) 7/24/2014
 The Poetry Of Our Love David A. Doolan        (More) 7/24/2014
 Seaside Starlight1        (More) 7/23/2014
 The warmth of love Starlight1        (More) 7/23/2014
 Side By Side David A. Doolan        (More) 7/23/2014
 Burnt Fingers David A. Doolan        (More) 7/23/2014
 Daydream SnowLeopard        (More) 7/22/2014
 Gentle is my moms love Starlight1        (More) 7/22/2014
 My heart skips a beat Starlight1        (More) 7/22/2014
 The Mind Of Love! David A. Doolan        (More) 7/21/2014
 Vertical Horizon Earl Lambert        (More) 7/20/2014
 One Last Plea Earl Lambert        (More) 7/20/2014
 Days of summer Starlight1        (More) 7/19/2014
 My Love Elianna        (More) 7/19/2014
 Come dance with me my love Starlight1        (More) 7/19/2014
 Sweet softness Starlight1        (More) 7/19/2014
 all of me notebook        (More) 7/19/2014
 A Rose Is A Rose SuperSlimJim        (More) 7/19/2014
 Another Stolen Moments adreamer2        (More) 7/19/2014
 Gentleness of love Starlight1        (More) 7/17/2014
 KISS colinb        (More) 7/17/2014
 Colors of joy Starlight1        (More) 7/16/2014
 I need you 2 adreamer2        (More) 7/15/2014
 Follow Me riki_ryme        (More) 7/14/2014
 Thinking Of You David A. Doolan        (More) 7/13/2014
 Gentle love Starlight1        (More) 7/12/2014

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You beckon me to come closer

You beckon me to come closer to you because you would love to be more than friends to me were tonight you whispers painting a beautiful picture of us making love to one another. Your whispers tell me I am your telling me the things you want from me; I will be your pleasures, as you will become mine too. In your bed is were I want to be, our love for one another continues to grow stronger we find so much pleasures and passion in knowing the other ones feeling for us to know.

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