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Raising Poetry Above Prose

The Poet suggests that the Holy Grail of the poet can be the raising up of poetry to its previous position having supremacy over the novel in the world of readers.
One method is to look closely at a recent novel that earned over 700 million dollars and find its strengths and do better in poetry.
If 'Harry Potter' was called Harold Pots without the double R and double T a strong technigue of poetry, sales would have struggled.
Let's have a look at the first sentence of book one.
' Mr and Mrs Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.'
This repeating of letters the novelist is using. How much repetition is there?
M5,R13,A5,N4,D4,U6,S2,L3,E12,Y4,O6,F3,P3,I2,V3,W2,T6,H4,C2 - for 29 syllables
Take off one for each letter and add them up = 69 repeated letter score.
Now let's compare with 29 syllables of the Poet's last posted sonnet (at the time of writing this exploration into poetry) -
which has a score of 80 where the Poet made a definite effort to have such a high count.
The point is that the tumbling out of words in free verse cannot compete with very purposeful writing which makes over 700 million.
In the Poet's Holy Grail to topple the novel from the top spot the poet must do more engineering, more purposeful planning, manufacturing, thinking to win readers in droves.
The Poet suggests that a more structured approach to poetry seems to be the answer. We have to stun the readers with our every syllable, our every word.

Yes if S is the most easily heard sound then yes is more easily heard
no and more wanted in the main. The S is not voiced but a rush of air more confined than F and higher pitched nearly a whistle - every one knows a train's whistle hearability. The Poet investigates Shakespeare's most known sonnet to see how he uses S.
In the first line that is on so many people's lips it would not be surprising to find the key word of the line uses the value of the S.
Yes it does
'If I compare thee to a summer's day'.
Now do the Poet's sonnets happen to use this fact in any way?


I've reS*earched the great poets not for nothing -
The trained parrot knows not what his speech means
Neither does his parrot friend listening
Yet like your name thousandS*-*Said my mind teams
Which alterS* Something I know not quite what
Shakespeare, Shelley, Byron, Coleridge changed me -
It's as though I Speak poetry and not rot,
As though ideas of love magnificently
PaSS* over the world of parrots to you
Who hear the words and know the Sweet patterns
Have ingenius meaning 'I-Love-You.'
This trained poet knew your mind would share grand terms.
I've reSearched the great poets not for nothing -
We've fallen in love through our deep yearning.


Great Goddess whose throne S*tealS all the moonglow
Where beauty SitS and StandS* for the future,
HideS and giveS* the moonglow of tomorrow,
Loans breath to the breathless true-heart lover
And SeaS for their eyeS that they may prapS weep
Some Sad tearS* but mainly happiness tearS.
Great Goddess whose throne allows tiny feet
Stand tall to watch moonglow change adult years,
Mending or stretching or feeding hearts worn.
In me your moonglow holy lightS my Soul -
Moonglow of tomorrow worthwhile makes dawn;
Great Goddess this lover has crawled till tall.
Tomorrow'S sorrowS' shadowS moonlight banS* -
This, moonglow of tomorrow'S love commandS*!


I Love you Princess! love your first name too -
It tellS the very eSS*ence of your soul
That depth your eyes portray every speech new
Like a mother, like a lover - like all
The caring, thoughtful, fun loving things said
That Stir writerS, painterS, sculptorS, SingerS*
But smarter than man thinks and more than bed
Gives me power over life, power that'S yourS - StirS*
Me beyond belief - want to watch you breathe
Want to watch you dreSS, catch my eye watching.
I love you PrinceSS! - through poetry believe
Your sweet first name in my heart iS Singing.
Oh moSt Sung Song, moSt loved Sound, moSt loved eyeS*
Return earS and eyeS to earth would be wiS*e.

Yes lots of Ss but what is there to learn? Our language would
encourage Ss for they are more easily heard - but if the Poet or speaker
wants to make maximum impact then through Ss is the way. To be used in
most important utterance - the thing said the Poet wants no one to miss.
what is the Poet's most important utterance and why does he want it heard
above others?
The Poet has placed an * by those that seem to have the most impact. It seems
first line use and ending use has high importance. Also it can be done for beauty of sound. The double* indicates the Poet's most powerful use to indicate his passion - draws attention to the fact he says her name so so often in his mind.


That people laugh warnings when poetry wins
As too fast for hearts, too far fetched, short term
Or short steps overtake, least delight thins,
Love's not filled, greater love's devised, more firm -
The Poet laughs for poetry gladdens his soul.
His life swells, YOU restore the sky and air
Where wept the clouds (echo) her sun's dried them all.
YOU give flowers their sweetest breath, colours rare,
Even weeds smell fresh (echo) weeds re-seed changed.
Yes! flower with smiles like those on YOUR sweet face.
YOUR neck and breasts, fruit for eating arranged
Steal my heart (echo) of hearts leaving there's no trace.
That people laugh warnings when poetry wins
Loved heart, the Poet laughs (echo) their hearts true are twins.


This Poet left his chair for cool-down cold baths
Where the moon who loves your breasts winked at me.
Same deep water that runs rivers, floats rafts,
Appears at taps, fills lakes, from skies falls free
Surrounded me as it surrounds you too;
So stand up with me, shake with me shake - wow
We are dancing the dance water will view
With the moonlight showing mainly your flower.
This Poet left his chair for cool-downs often
And his eyes wandered from your moonlit eyes
As he danced to set you dancing again
And out of the window sweet danced his cries.
For cool-down cold baths this Poet left his chair -
Some say for poetry's sake, some say to stare!


Without holding hands where ever we were,
Say at the beach like today in the sun
Something's between us, something we infer
Like nothing that's been before - down right fun -
Without splashing water, without teasing
Something joins us, something draws us close;
Even if not touching our voices cling,
Our eyes like the waves tumble, lips love toast.
Hear the children - we're running standing still,
Faster, louder, younger somewhere inside.
Without holding hands, sand the toes thrill -
Hearts jumping, playing, on the rough waves ride.
Without holding hands where ever we were
You and I would be lovers with loin-whirr!


Then stem my hunger, here, there, later, now,
Again tomorrow like yesterday gone
With hands that tell they could extend the hour
And reduce their need till time sounds her gong.
From barbecue to the park bench hands serve
Watched by my heart, bright eyes pump thoughts, thoughts wait.
Magpies in the gums think morsels they deserve
While minds privacy long for to lick plate.
Oh stem my hunger, here, there, later, now;
Let your hands signal all's ready to eat -
Make the magpies blush, their young their heads bow;
Pardon my eyes sweep sweet eyes down to feet.
Then stem my hunger daily and nightly -
Imagine magpies' remarks mock I'm sprightly.


Feared Storm black gowned, becoming's black you wear;
Much bad-named Earth force please help this wizard -
With darkness thwart all that's not freshest air,
Over exert wind, thunder, and blizzard
So Heaven's love with harmony prevails
And my love and I can play with weak waves
And laugh how naked we fall on our tails
Fearless, more weakened by laughter as slaves
To the moment while without touch we kiss
As shakes of laughter in noise long embrace.
Feared Storm black gowned, give this wizard such bliss
That when touch controls totally love's base
The sweet thrusts of pleasure are not lust's spree -
Rather lusty love for eternity.


Would your sweet kisses make me love you more?
Would lovers drenched - with rain wetter become?
Would goldfish welcome more water you'd pour
Into their already full bowl for fun?
Yes they would! for kisses of rain they'd feel.
Yes! sweet kisses would make me love you more -
Though every star shines, one more can sight steal -
When the meal's finished, filled up from the core
There are kisses not filling we welcome
For a kiss is to love as fuel to fire.
Would kisses make me love you more and some?
With never a kiss my life would expire.
But kiss me carefully and know full well
Too much love could on our needed sleep tell.


If your love could knock on my door tonight,
Knowing no better spirit wings nor sighs
And the praise of my lips spends all their might
To capture the pure beauty that resides
Then kisses would waste no words tongue kissing -
Their poetry would surpass that of my hands
Yet still they'd fail to better hearts beating
Love's wonderful melody soul commands.
If your love could knock on my door tonight,
Eyes would dance, feet would touch lightly and well,
Smiles would make sounds, arms would ring circles-quiet
And pen with life of its own in love would dwell.
Thrive would love, never to leave such splendour
And poetry would never pause while sleep's poor.


Had we Time, years gone by and years to come
Then our romance though blooming, though halting
Would be no crime just waiting for half fun
But half we have beats most whole's I'm thinking
For we sit down and think which way we'll walk
'Long our river to find diamonds, rubies
For nature loves lovers though touchless talk
And reveals finds that startle birds and bees,
Loosens the tongue with silvered poetry
Of love that grows vaster than empires past,
With more beauty than can be found to be.
Do I want the other half, the whole - fast?
The sweet part with thirty thousand pleasures?
The whole that floods rivers with free treasures?


My eyes steal the grand sight bed-busy sprawled,
My lust like the wind borrows from toe-moves
That travel legs to everywhere, not called.
Lust stares yet lust sweeps everywhere that loves
Just as the wind, leaves on the tree sweeps through.
My eyes read her works' wonders as legs flail
Like the wind loves the tree with dances new
And not only takes from her, serves as well.
Every move she makes, every sigh for me
The wind is kind enough to bring unchanged
Through leaves and blossoms her sweet thigh poetry
So heart without lust's tasting's not estranged.
Thereby love's fed devoid of bed that claims
Making love only makes love's lasting flames.

If VIVID LOVE is essential for your scene as it is for the Poet then read 'Two Hearts Two Cities' - order through Zora Knight the illustrator -

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