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When Giants Are Gentle


There are some worlds of which we have not talked;
My narrow mind now wider knows more words,
Wishing your favours at nothing I've baulked
Foolishly thinking niceness pruned two thirds
Saving me from offering Eve the apple
But shut doors you've opened, you've made me bold -
To not become uncouth or rough at all,
More worldly wise, narrow no longer sold;
An ocean wider than the stream am I -
Small, was content, now wish to drown mountains.
Kings can still be nice, giants gentle - no lie -
I can be anything with your love gains.
Now my love let's talk or kiss, large or small,
Open doors till there's no surprise at all.


So glad my first kiss didn't mean forever
Otherwise I wouldn't have met you sweet babe.
I know before I kiss you I have never
Had forever kissing bliss and then prayed.
A forever kiss is not just a kiss;
Our minds will touch gently like silk sliding,
Our hearts will beat tunes catching rare sweet bliss,
Our eyes will read forever, lips will sing!
Kisses after that will mean something new -
Forever, but something like 'How are you?'
Each kiss will talk tenderly with words few;
Forever kisses sing of deep love-true.
An Auzzie am I so an Auzzie kiss feel,
Notice its impact, watch it play and reel.


Don't think of it as a downunder kiss;
Think of it as up and over kissing,
For when the lips touch there is so much bliss
If there's love and lots of creative thinking.
For all those in love or can remember
An Auzzie kiss has something to build on,
Not just a kiss for a down-cast December
For this kiss is for loving and dreaming upon.
Don't need lips as firm as Sean Connery's;
A brush of a touch says much when in love,
An Australian kiss as any country's
Quickens the heart, makes stars seen above
But an Australian kiss's no ordinary kiss;
Timing's skilled, for love not the kiss is bliss!


Oh the mouth that pouts is a moving sign
That's seen in your magic photos my dear
But do you know its effect? That I pine
To kiss, to taste like red wine full of cheer?
Some girls do, some girls don't part lips to pout;
You my dear know the power of your red lips,
Like how to send messages in and out
Of the male domain, much like moving hips.
My eyes will be seduced by your red lips;
In your hands I will be in wanton pleasure.
Kiss me like some girls won't for it whips
Me into a frenzy without measure.
All girls have lips but only you love me,
That's why your lips send me to ecstasy.


Give birth your lips do to this foreign man
And in pleasure their breath my breath becomes
And your smiles of love whenever they can
Turn winter to summer so my life hums!
Daughter of Light your soft skin is shining
Through the smooth silk that fails to hide glamour
And your visitor sees both versions learning
Local knights have lost to a foreign captor.
Oh lamp to the modern world you shine clearly
On the souls whom you love and whom love you;
Your wisdom helps us walk through winds freely;
This foreign man felt your love through and through.
Oh your lips sure make me crazy for you;
To taste you again is well over due!


Before we kiss in July my honey
Only fresh winds blowing petals kiss me
And the softness of Summer rainbowed rain.
Come and I'll not want their kisses again.
I wander the river valley most days
And her wind, like the wings of wild ducks, plays;
To the south guarding my mouth I turn my head
To keep my lips moist for your kiss instead.
Oh when the soft rain comes my head I bow
So not to put out the desire I've now
For your July kisses not too far away,
Oh not to wait would be insane I'd say.
Kisses to dream on not to tell there'll be
When we are together across the sea.


The butterfly's kiss first oh my dear love,
Kiss me as though we've met but once before,
As though you're not sure on how I will move.
'Cause with your kiss you'll not know how I'll purse
My petals - so brush my flower here and there
Until you make me aware - make me burst
Wide open, for it's you who's landed there.
A woman's kiss then my love give to me,
Kiss me as though you have in mind the means
How to enter the heart eternally,
Then petals will close over you in dreams.
A kiss to dream of not to tell there'll be;
Togetherness to rival all ecstasy.


Kiss me as we talk, in mid-word, love dear;
For talking interrupts lovers' smoochings;
Kiss from impulse, let it over power fear
That people think kissing is for young things.
Kiss me with a word written with love's hand,
So powerful its passion reaches intact
Travelling ten thousand long miles to my land.
Kiss me with poetry of kissing - in fact
Kiss me without a single word at all;
Tell me the depth of your love and desire;
Take me to a world I've never been Doll,
For your kisses speak spells my lips acquire.
Kisses to dream on not to tell there'll be,
Togetherness though parted by the sea.


What beck'ning spirit in the moonlight bright
Invites my steps and to the long bridge points?
'Tis she. Dressed in red on Christmas night
With her breasts her gift to me; each annoints.
Oh ever beautiful, ever friendly
Is it foolish to love so much, afar?
To have so firm a heart so tenderly
To act lovers' parts yet our bodies bar?
Are there no flashing neon lights displayed
For those who love bravely so beautifully?
Smiles of angels so loved would never fade
And in their breasts be glows continually.
Under the long bridge a Christmas kiss long
So our lips and hearts too burst into song.


If you were to whisper with sweet lips pursed
Certain words to my soul, I would respond
Whole-heartedly without being coersed
For love's my mainspring, I love love's bond.
If you were to favour my flame with fuel
I would surely warm your future with fire
Hot bloodedly my most delightful Jewel
For you are my main drive, my chief desire.
If you were to smile as I advanced slowly
And you stepped slightly forward to my arms
I'd know my kiss would seal our love firmly,
A kiss with meaning that all life's troubles calms.
Our first kiss joining though oceans divide
Will be more dramatic than a landside.


This is a high time for us that's for sure,
I can see in your sweet words soaring
And feel it in my bones that burn for more,
For with love-words a high time we're having.
There is something happening in our poems;
More than just heart-love meaning have our words;
We make emotion spring to life that hones
In on physical love-touching four thirds.
Our words would be shallow without kissing
But our words ensure that kissing cannot wait;
Going to happen soon there's no guessing;
It's the power of our poems up to date.
When I walk down the walk way from the plane
My fired first kiss I won't have to explain.


Gentle sunlight filters through the window,
Your body stretches out to meet the day,
Darkness of night is forced to go although
It's too early for you this day to play
Until that is you see me by your side,
Contentment rushes o'er you wanting me.
Our first touch and a sweet smile then sweeps wide
O'er my face, lingers on and plays you see
On my lips as though I know your wishes;
Heart pounding sends signals clearly to me,
I lean forward to my dear love, shivers
Come from knowing, a gentle kiss I'll give thee.

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