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Conceiving *

Has there been a dream you wished not to wake from, was there a movie you hoped would not end.
Is there a song you want to keep playing, can you recall a good time with a friend.
There's a place where the streams turn to river, there's a place where the river does fall.
Where they start once again to be flowing, where life starts living again after all.
When you wake from your dream start a new day, when the movie is done stays a thought.
As the melody plays in the background, as in circumstance are we all caught.
So the waters sweep down from their new start, they go winding and seeking their way.
We too must travel life's pathways with heart, and in living this life what will we pay.
The moment's the essence of being, cascade with a fullness to be.
In the mist of the madness of living, rising up is the spirit in me.

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