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 IN HIS TIME poetalthomas        (More) 9/18/2014
 Faith hope and love Starlight1        (More) 9/18/2014
 Slow down today Starlight1        (More) 9/18/2014
 Rainbow bright Starlight1        (More) 9/18/2014
 PURIFETH HIMSELF poetalthomas        (More) 9/18/2014
 Beauty In The Garden SuperSlimJim        (More) 9/17/2014
 How Marvelous Are Your Works Oh God! Elianna        (More) 9/17/2014
 Calm serenity Starlight1        (More) 9/16/2014
 LOVE OF GOD poetalthomas        (More) 9/16/2014
 TO THE INCARCERATED georgeporge        (More) 9/16/2014
 Not Grasp Or Let Go, Art, Is To Creat... reality1        (More) 9/15/2014
  PEACE AND SAFETY poetalthomas        (More) 9/15/2014
 Joyful blessings Starlight1        (More) 9/15/2014
 CARRED AWAY poetalthomas        (More) 9/15/2014
 BE CHARMED poetalthomas        (More) 9/14/2014
 GOD WILL MAKE A Way poetalthomas        (More) 9/14/2014
 IT WILL BE OKAY poetalthomas        (More) 9/14/2014
 A gift of joy Starlight1        (More) 9/14/2014
 OUR WORLD TODAY poetalthomas        (More) 9/14/2014
 The Perfect Gift cherryk        (More) 9/14/2014
 Future Starlight1        (More) 9/14/2014
 Gods love Starlight1        (More) 9/13/2014
 Journeys Starlight1        (More) 9/13/2014
 Kindness cherryk        (More) 9/13/2014
 Daisies and butterflies Starlight1        (More) 9/13/2014
 Today Starlight1        (More) 9/13/2014
 Serenity Starlight1        (More) 9/12/2014
 Strolling along poem PrairieFlax        (More) 9/12/2014
 NEITHER DO I CONDEMN THEE poetalthomas        (More) 9/12/2014
 IMAGINE, ENVISION, VISUALIZE GaelicRogue        (More) 9/12/2014

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I don't know when, I don't know the time.
I know the reason, I know the crime.
It's time to defeat the enemy in his prime.
His time is coming soon, somewhere in Time.

Short and Sweet (5)

''Somewhere in Time''

Hostess: autumn_jewel ~~ Autumn (AJ)

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