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 BLESSED BE georgeporge        (More) 9/2/2014
 Waterfall Starlight1        (More) 9/2/2014
 obsession notebook        (More) 9/1/2014
 THERE IS A WAY THAT SEEMS RIGHT poetalthomas        (More) 9/1/2014
 A blessed day Starlight1        (More) 9/1/2014
 City of God in the Sky Joyce Porter        (More) 8/31/2014
 GO AND SIN NO MORE. poetalthomas        (More) 8/31/2014
 Purest Love cherryk        (More) 8/31/2014
 History Chronicled cherryk        (More) 8/31/2014
 NEW NAME WRITTEN DOWN poetalthomas        (More) 8/30/2014
 Victory is Mine cherryk        (More) 8/29/2014
 Rippling water Starlight1        (More) 8/29/2014
 GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN poetalthomas        (More) 8/29/2014
 I'M HERE TO TELL YOU poetalthomas        (More) 8/28/2014
 STUDY TO SHOW THYSELF APPROVED poetalthomas        (More) 8/28/2014
 Looking skyward Starlight1        (More) 8/28/2014
 ALL MANNER OF SIN'S FORGIVEN BUT ONE poetalthomas        (More) 8/28/2014
 A Day Away kolafumi        (More) 8/28/2014
 WHSOEVER WILL, COME. poetalthomas        (More) 8/27/2014
 168 Hours riki_ryme        (More) 8/27/2014
 I Cried,Today MSPAT        (More) 8/27/2014
 Life Starlight1        (More) 8/27/2014
 THERE IS COMING A BRIGHTER DAY poetalthomas        (More) 8/26/2014
 Be Happy s Vaughan        (More) 8/26/2014
 Waterfall Starlight1        (More) 8/26/2014
 I DON'T KNOW WHEN THE OUTCOME WILL BE poetalthomas        (More) 8/26/2014
 THE HEM OF GOD poetalthomas        (More) 8/26/2014
 Above Earth, Below Sky, There Is No I reality1        (More) 8/26/2014
 I HAVE TWO HOMES poetalthomas        (More) 8/26/2014
 IT WILL BE A PARTY OF GREATEST RHYME poetalthomas        (More) 8/26/2014

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Lord, Thine is the Kingdom
The Power and the Glory
Forever and ever
In Praise we pray Dear Father.

Yes, Blessed Father
You have the power
You are glorious
Magnificent & Fabulous.

Not only for a day
But forever and ever
From the beginning of time
You have always been mine.

Dearest Lord You are the Love
Radiating from above.
You are the answer and essence
Of my Trust and Confidence...

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