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 Windsong Starlight1        (More) 7/31/2014
 The Symphony Of Two GregVoiles        (More) 7/31/2014
 Gentle Starlight1        (More) 7/30/2014
 While America Is Screaming, Now Awaken.. reality1        (More) 7/30/2014
 I’ll be With You silentheart        (More) 7/29/2014
 TAKE ME INTO poetalthomas        (More) 7/29/2014
 Love dances on soft wings Starlight1        (More) 7/29/2014
 THE BRIGHTEST STAR poetalthomas        (More) 7/29/2014
 Uplifted Starlight1        (More) 7/29/2014
 ARE YOU READY poetalthomas        (More) 7/29/2014
 Cherish The Word cherryk        (More) 7/28/2014
 The Soul Of Nature truefeeling        (More) 7/28/2014
 I AM GOD'S poetalthomas        (More) 7/28/2014
 THE FACTS ARE poetalthomas        (More) 7/28/2014
 TRY poetalthomas        (More) 7/28/2014
 Joyful colors Starlight1        (More) 7/28/2014
 TRUE poetalthomas        (More) 7/27/2014
 Imagine cherryk        (More) 7/27/2014
 Beautiful light of mine Starlight1        (More) 7/27/2014
 Praise to thee Starlight1        (More) 7/26/2014
 Only One Darlene Hylton        (More) 7/26/2014
 Red roses Starlight1        (More) 7/26/2014
 THERE COMES A TIME poetalthomas        (More) 7/26/2014
 a graceful touch bcharmed        (More) 7/26/2014
 Turning Our Mind Around Mistymaiden        (More) 7/26/2014
 Fathers Precious Lamb Keith Anthony Langlois        (More) 7/26/2014
 Of Light blue ocean        (More) 7/26/2014
 I HAVE MARRIED A WIFE poetalthomas        (More) 7/26/2014
 In Stillness Koi_        (More) 7/26/2014
 LET THE DEAD BURY THE DEAD poetalthomas        (More) 7/26/2014

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I love the gentleness of the windsong
Gentle colors of sweet joy walking along

Love that fills the skies with colors blue
A sailboat ride that is such fun to do

Softness of the waves that ebb and flow
The delightfs watching a double rainbow

Each day many blessings. Love so strong
The beautiful gift of joy God gave me and you
Always right beside me wherever in life I go

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