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Eloquent Magnificence

Does the eloquence of magnificence
remain the same
or slowly turn to commonplace
like everything else
Or does true eloquence

sleep peacefully away
in a deep and dreamless sleep
renewing eternal strength
Perhaps life should be arrested
For disturbing the peace
----------------------------------- ---

there is nothing out there for me
the world is so full of itself
no time for mundane musings
only commercialized traditions

there is nothing out there for me
it is extremely disheartening
how quickly people forget about you
in their mad dash

searching for fame and fortune
the world is so full of itself
everyone looking for their own
little piece of pie in the sky

pearls of wisdom
joy of pure conscience

heart led not astray
windy winter days
dismiss cloudy gray

from March to May
blue sky way
blue birds play

joy filled conscience
father innocent
Mother pure

when lovely wisdom smiles at me
her eyes devour me
her heart consumes me

A step father's favorite question
To another man's son
Do you want a licking boy?

(I love my mother best for not remarrying
after she left my poor old dad for lack
of support)
No rose of modest delicacy

I believe prejudice is actually jealousy. People
just don't want to see the other fellow get a
leg up in life. Jealousy exist between almost
everyone.We all get discriminated against many
times in the course of a lifetime. It is not fair
to single out just one group. It is most self evident
in sports, but of course, they call it being
competitive. Real teamwork is when we all
recognize prejudice for what it actually is and
begin to humble ourselves. I always knew I
was never quite right in the head, but I had the
presence of mind to recognize this failing in myself
But nobody cares what I think. Don't let life
brutalize you as it has me.

Why life will never be fair (disclaimer)

There is always someone who will find ways to break
the rules, using secret clandestine methods to achieve
what they want. This is why secret, clandestine
organizations are forbidden by the United States Constitution.
. God bless all poets everywhere.

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