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1080206: Elysian

Electric words crossed distant forms, and burning hearts then closed the space;
once grounded by the love forlorn, the frozen feelings found their place.
No outlet for our sentiments; two bleeding hearts in sacrament.
The circuit closed and feelings flowed, finally I found consolation.
Each passing day, each word we say - greater grows the jubilation.
Did hopes eclipse reality? I had to wait for certainty.

Coronary destruction, learn something new every day:
a pure heart in bloom broken is a high price to pay.
I've tried to live and learn, and life's lessons learned taught:
you'll pull every petal playing loves me, loves me not.

One wounded heart's another's cure - such love is too good to be true;
she was so honest, straight, and pure - so vulnerable, this ingenue.
Would she, at long last, save my soul; or did she merely play the role?
In self-defence I placed distance against the way you touched my heart,
but I felt blessed when you confessed that I had you from the start.
I know that I've waited so long, but past pain built my walls so strong.

Coronary instruction, learn something new every day:
love is all you'll ever need when it's true, so they say.
I've tried to live and learn, and life's lessons learned taught:
if you wait around for love, you'll wait until you rot.

If I'd an instant at your side, just one moment we weren't apart,
I'd share every secret inside, return your ring and keep your heart.
If in between were lesser space, a precious inch spanned face-to-face,
there'd be distance still too immense, your gravity leaves me resigned
to seek out bliss within a kiss, in body and soul intertwined.
But for now I can only wait, and eagerly anticipate.

Coronary construction, learn something new every day:
you may stumble upon romantic raison de'tre.
I've tried to live and learn, and life's lessons learned taught:
though you may not catch your aim, you may find yourself caught.

At last I'll gaze into your eyes, and scry the spirit that they show.
Each sentiment your soul supplies shall serve as muse to Erato.
I'm destined love and hope you'll be the catalyst to prophecy,
when as a seer I pull you near, and whisper how we'll find our wings;
within your ear you'll softly hear ineffable sweet everythings.

Coronary conduction, learn something new every day:
the heart that long wanders eventually finds its way.
I've tried to live and learn, and life's lessons learned taught:
our lost souls can be found by the very love they sought.

Love wasn't at the curtain call, seems solace always comes too slow;
I feared there'd be no love at all, but still I waited for Godot.
Searching for my prima donna, every act was filled with drama:
frequent folly, melancholy, endless emotional ennui.
But every scene is clandestine, now that the stage is graced by thee.

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