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Flowers in Your Hair

'You're gonna need flowers in your hair,'
and 'Love is the answer,' we said.
And a change! Such a change in the air.

We'd have peace, if we learned how to share -
If we'd follow where ever love led.
You're gonna need flowers in your hair.

The suddenly dope's everywhere.
Not love - getting messed up instead
and a change. Such a change in the air.

'Love, love' - but love's hard and it's rare
and the old message morphed as it spread
You're gonna need flowers in your hair

When love fails, it can turns to despair
and 'hippy' turned often to 'head'
and a change, such a change in the air

Such a sweet dream. It still might be there -
Love, love! Maybe love's not quite dead.
You're gonna need flowers in your hair -
and a change, such a change in the air.

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