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Sounds of Morning - challenge

Gray dawn
Just before sunrise,
quieter than a mouse,
the house whispers under
the yellow light I left on to
tease the darkness and prevent stubbed toes.
The hour, my usual morning waking, from
a restless sleep at this haunting 4:38 a.m.
television serenades with 'That Old Black Magic'...
seems there is always someone singing
about love, again and now crooning softly, 'I'll
see you in my dreams!'
A little late for that I lament.
Then sounds of 1940 by the Dorsey boys,
what a trip this is, me sitting here doodling words
waiting for sunrise, while you persistently tap dance
around in my head to the song now caressing my
heart as it plays, 'Lets face the music and dance'
I chuckle, wondering if you have noticed, I am
out of step.
Had it moving pretty good at first, guess I'd
better stop while I am ahead in this gray morning
with television melodies.
Frank Sinatra now, singing 'You Go To My Head'...
I wish you were here!

May 12, 2012
The Just For The Love of It Challenge

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