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Beloved flatware of solid sterling silver
Had been purchased piece by precious piece.
After her long years of ownership,
She hoped to will them to grandchild or niece.

A fitted case was, at last, bought for it all
With each piece then owned put in its place.
Building up to a service for twelve
Would be accomplished at a snails pace.

The costs came from hard-earned savings.
Each new piece brought pride and delight.
From the day upon which each piece arrived,
The flatware was maintained a shining bright.

At last, when two guests arrived,
Laid with pride was a four place setting.
In time, service for twelve was hoped
From few extra cents she would be getting.

Added serving pieces each held slots
That would, in time, one by one, be filled.
Her intent had always been
That a full box of silver she would build.

Now, with days of entertaining gone
Her silver pieces seldom saw daylight.
Yet, she hoped their offspring would care
And, when she left, would keep each piece bright.

By the time her will was to be read,
Plastic and stainless pieces were preferred.
Rather than see her silver be misused,
Her widower claimed it. No argument was heard.

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