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Can't Say 'I lLove You'

‘I love you...’
These are the most difficult words
I could say to you
‘I hate you...’
This is the least I could utter against you, too
But how could this be?
Love and hatred are clashing up in my heart & mind.

I didn’t count the days when you were gone
‘Didn’t even waited for the time you’ll come back so fine
Life was uncanny, yes it was
But we never complained, we just survived that.

The anguish we’ve gone through is beyond life’s measure
Pains that befallen us, were too much to endure
All those years of silent grief nobody ever knew
Except those silent tears that fell on my pillow.

I asked God so many times why couldn’t I appreciate you
Even asked my angel’s blessings to shower me a love for you
But still it’s too hard to start a life anew
Now that you haven’t changed the ways that separated us with you.

I’m not God, I’m not granny, and I’m not mom
I can't hate much, but forgive, I don’t know
Too many questions unanswered deep inside of me
Help me pray to accept you – father, please, will you?

April 16 2002 @ 05:44:38 the man who made me a strong lady as I am today...thanks for all the pains & the unforgettable somehow made us grew more than the person we were expected to become now...

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