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on your own

Its all fun and games until you finally get hurt
Crying on the floor, forced to evaluate yourself worth
Bruises on your face, you don't know what to do
Scars on your head and heart but this is what you choose
You fell into a hole, afraid to walk away
He said he loved you, said he'd stop so you chose to stay
Until the day he your head is f***ed up
At least he didn't killyou. You know you really lucked up
You finally chose to leave but you'll never be the same
You feel like you've been played. Now you're drowning in the pain
You have friends on your side but you're so afraid to trust
So you isolate yourself and heal as you must
You cry at night and never tell, cuz you know it won't help
To worry all your friends and make them feel overwhelmed
It's your life, your mistake, so you carry on
You try to pick up the peices, try to move on
Despite the fact that you don't know how to be alone
The memories still haunt you, but you deal with it on your own

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