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Was it wrong to love you?
Was it wrong to care?
You make me feel so worthless
I don't think that's fair.

I have given you
The best years of my life,
We've scrimped and scraped
Now you give me all this strife.

Over the years I thought you were loyal
How wrong could a man be?
After all the years it's been a lie
Then you come out with this s..t and say it's me.

You throw away our marriage
To have sex you brazen slut,
You never even considered me
Why it turns me sick to my gut.

I may have looked at other woman
I may have said things in a joke,
But it never entered my head
To jump in bed, like you have with this bloke.

You had better leave my head is going to explode
I'm on the road to insanity's doom,
You better make it pretty quick
Or I'll be laying flowers kneeling beside your tomb.

Or am I supposed to forgive all your sins
And be a kind compassionate loving soul,
And let you carry on seeing this rat
In your loving loyal wonderful wife role.

She begged him for foregiveness
But the lights had flickerd over the years,
For a few moments of sexual pleasure
She had killed a lifetime and ended it
In heartache and tears.

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