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The Have Nots

Imaging ourselves the sole recipients of life’s adversities, we whine and we cry, and we curse our misfortune.
Obstacles to our happiness and success are seemingly scattered strategically upon our every pathway. As we bemoan our selective misfortune, somewhere across town despair truly exists, and malnourished children, their tears exhausted, languish in the stupor of hopelessness, their mothers crying in their stead.
The great wonder of this age is that the affluent always want more, believing themselves somehow deprived or maligned by fate. From the advent of civilization the poor have been the most cursed of mankind, and yet the more blessed.
Those of a lower social and economic station know the genuine joys of life’s little pleasures. Whether an old, dilapidated automobile that actually runs, or a hand-me-down pair of serviceable shoes, those living in poverty are thankful for the small blessings.
Might not our lives be more meaningful could we all see through the eyes of the have-nots.

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