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A Little Wood Stock In Her Heart

Setting the scene......... Catholic Central highschool
His name was Mike, a big guy who looked more like a senior than a sophomore, both a wrest ler, and football player. I , the cheerleader, who then went on to be a Crusette (performing at half time in a chorus line with other young ladies)
I really dug those white boots we wore so when the hippie movement came along I was right in style. Not a total flower child, (I mean I had some reserve about myself, besides wearing no bra I would certainly be chastised by Sister WHOMEVER......... 'Mary' being the first name for most. But I did wear my flowers......... Mike, you see had a motorcycle. A big green Triumph. And of course being the cool gal that I was somehow I just had to dress up my helmet. Soooooooooo I glued a strand of artificial daisies to the top of it. And As I climbed aboard that roaring metal I felt pretty hip in my white leather jacket, Go go boots, and that flowered headgear. I loved changing into my bell bottom jeans when that stuffy uniform came off and talk about halter tops????? I had dozens. Anything the Carpenters and the Mama's and The Papa's sang I knew by heart.......... And Nancy Sinatra was my idol. Making those white boots even more special. Just a small hometown kind of gal with a little Woodstock in her heart.

Through The Eyes Of An Old Hippie Challenge

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