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Empty places at the table

Empty Places At The Table

The table is set for dinner

Candles are lit and in the rooms darkness

They illuminate and they flicker

The fires burning but you still cant mistake the coldness

Of the room, theres something wrong with this picture

Theres 2 chairs and 2 plates, 2 knifes and 2 forks

Empty places at the table

Where are the two lovers who should be engaged in sweet talk

Empty places at the table, the meal is not going to be served hot

Theres something that l guess is wrong

This is a sad setting, what should be an intimate and romatic evening

I feel that theres something these two are not wanting

And you can tell by the empty places at the table

Its scenes like this that make true love just seem an old wives tale

The man is angry and he wants to be alone

The girl is bitter and she isnt wanting to talk on the phone

This night is one that had so much promise

Look at all the trouble someone took to do and prepare

Yes the couple never made this effort

But a friend who knew that what was so special was in trouble

In need of a little injection of romance

But the wines never going to be drunk from the glass

The food that should have been shared and delicious

Is going to straight in the bin and maybe l wont bother with the dirty dishes

The hours go by but by the look of the empty places at the table

Nobody is even going to have the curtoisy

Of letting me know that this night isnt going to happen

She isnt going to be driven home, he isnt going to be in a mood of laughter

Maybe they lost the way and need directions

But they should have called and l feel this is a lost attention

Now l am picking up the cutlery and the plates

But l still hope that they are not full of hate

Blow out the candles and see the smoke rise

Empty places at the table, place back the wine in the ice

Oh its going to taste a lot sour now

Two people should have came and l guess that had a row

Like the night, it blazed out like the stars

He is nowhere to be found and l tried to call

Tell him to drive over to hers in his car

But l can tell by the empty places at the table

This is one love that never was going to be strong and stable

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