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 amused Insync        (More) 7/28/2014
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 Talk Too Much cherryk        (More) 7/27/2014
 DOWNPOUR satishverma        (More) 7/27/2014
 Starved Saraphina        (More) 7/27/2014
 Was It Him Libra        (More) 7/27/2014
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 You've Got A Friend maryfrances        (More) 7/27/2014
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 I am Me mizclaws        (More) 7/27/2014
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 Disturbing Metaphor Rita        (More) 7/27/2014
 Father Time Rita        (More) 7/27/2014
 MYTH colinb        (More) 7/27/2014

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a form of amusement for

falling backward submitting to your charisma
walking away from stinging sarcasm

simply drifting along
love and hate's borderline

light and darkness
swirl inside my boundaries
of what's left to find a
right direction

potent mixed emotions
stir within

exciting fantasy's flame
extinguishing desire's dreams

a form of amusement
am I
with on and off switches to turn
at your

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