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Silent screams

**altho not a personal piece I am a rape/abuse councilor
never be silent for abuse can kill**

She lay on the floor
as he slammed the door
feeling her pain
hiding her shame
This is what she had become
hidden from everyone
bruised and cut
to the world
her mouth was firmly shut
No one knows what it's like
a living nightmare every day
she was a worthless human being
it must be true
for he had told her often enough
She fantasized about her escape
knowing that she was bound to this hell
he knew that so very well
She hid her bruises
foundation has its uses
knowing it was just a temporary bandage
She had laid down on this dead bed of roses
her body was there
but her mind was elsewhere
Abuse is never pretty
and she doesn't want your pity
just understand
mayhap hold her hand
and when the time is right
unwrap her wings
and let her take flight


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