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The Devil's Child (Part Nine)

...and just as quickly as they had come, both the whisper and the presence were whisked away, leaving her feeling alone and bereft, and counting the hours until sunset...

With a start, Arryn jerked awake. Temporary confusion swirled through her mind. Where was she? What was she doing in the chair and not in bed? Her eyes widened as the confusion cleared and everything came rushing back. With a cry she jumped up. She must have nodded off. It was true; she was exhausted and shaky from the blood she had lost the previous night, and her incessant pacing had only succeeded in tiring her more.
A quick glance out the window showed only a few minutes before the sun set. She would have to hurry if she was going to meet…
A momentary look of annoyance crossed her lovely features. Who WAS she going to meet? She was so infatuated she had not even bothered to ask his name.
Arryn hurriedly pulled a comb through her long, thick hair, not bothering to pull it back, but instead opting to let it hang loose about her waist, and tried to smooth the wrinkles from her gown.
She fastened her long cloak over her shoulders, slipped her feet into her shoes and hurried out the door, setting of at a brisk walk. She would need to hurry if she was to reach the old oak by sunset. Interesting, how the stranger had picked a location she knew so well. She had rested many a time under its branches after gathering herbs and mushrooms from the caverns not far off.
Determination settled in her mind. She would get some answers this night from the strange man; his name for starters, and why he had taken her blood, where he was from, and what he was doing in their small village.
She pulled to a halt as she reached the giant tree, pausing to catch her breath and looking around in the shadows for the man. He was nowhere to be seen. Once more annoyance welled up inside her. The sun had set several minutes ago. Where was he?
A small squeal escaped, and she jumped, startled beyond reason. THERE he was. She hadn't heard him make approach, yet here he was, about three inches from her very person.
They stood in the fading light for a moment, sizing each other up, looking one another over.
The man looked as if he was about to speak, and then stopped, holding himself back. Arryn took the opportunity, injecting her first question. 'What is your name?'
A look of surprise crossed his handsome features, 'My name?'
Arryn nodded, unable to speak, lost in his rich voice.
'Forgive me,' said the man, with a small bow. “I did not realize I had not given it to you. I have had many names, but I am Delos.”
'Delos.' The word rolled off her tongue, obviously from some foreign speech. 'What does it mean?'
He stiffened as she spoke his name, her lovely voice attacking his every sense. The sound of his name falling from her mouth ignited him. It made his every instinct kick to life, and made him burn to take what was His. With intense effort he constrained himself, cool and composed once more.
'It is Greek. It is the name of a sacred island; the birth place of the twin Gods, Apollo and Artemis.'
It sounded fascinating to Arryn; twin Gods? A sacred island? And yet it made her feel as if her own name were plain and meaningless. Once again she became lost in thought, a phenomenon that seemed to happen so frequently of late. She was brought back down by his cool hand cupping her cheek.
As if he could read her thoughts: 'Never feel plain Arryn. You are more special than you can possibly know.'
To her own surprise a small laugh escaped into the quiet evening air. It had been so long since she had last laughed. 'Me? Special? Hardly. I am hated by all those around me, tolerated, only, for my healing arts. I am a hermit, an outcast, with only my herbs for company.'
She was silenced, as one of the stranger’s, one of Delos', fingers pressed gently to her lips as he met her gaze
'Arryn, I am more sorry than I can say for the hardships you have suffered, and for your time alone. But much is about to change and your world is soon to be turned upside down and inside out. You ARE special, and you are sorely, sorely needed.'
Arryn's sapphire eyes widened in surprise and disbelief at his words, her mind whirring with possibilities. He sounded sincere, not mocking or sarcastic. What could he mean? But before she could ask, he spoke once more.
'I have been sent, by the Council of Elders, fetch you; to bring you to where you are needed.' said Delos smoothly, as if a strange man showing up to whisk her off to lands unknown were an everyday occurrence. 'We must gather your things. We will leave tonight as soon as you are ready.' Once more his words left no room for question.
Annoyance flared in Arryn yet again, and her eyes darkened in anger. (Delos could not help but wonder what those eyes would look like glazed by passion and pleasure…)
'To FETCH me?' she asked, indignantly. 'I am not some animal you bought at the fair. I will not accompany you unless I wish to, and I will not be fetched anywhere by anyone,' she said haughtily, arms crossing over her chest. She once again met his eyes, determined not to let her immense curiosity show.
A smile spread slowly over Delos's handsome features, his eyes lighting with a mischievous twinkle. 'And do you NOT wish it? If you insist I will vanish, and leave you exactly as you were before, with my sincere apologies for bothering you.' With that, he disappeared, fading slowly into a grayish mist.
'Wait!' cried Arryn, looking around frantically. What had she done? 'I wish it. I wish to go with you!'
And out of nowhere the mist was back, quickly solidifying once more. To her surprise, when he finished forming, Delos was laughing gently. 'That is what I thought,' he said with another smile. 'Now come, we must gather your things and be off as quickly as possible. We have a long way to go and must make off with all haste.'

To be continued...

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