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Saint Anthony of Padua... (sequel 3)

His Miracles and Mystic Mysteries…

Anniversary Ring…

A couple celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary by taking a 2 weeks, Panama Cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line’s Epic. They embarked at San Pedro, California, anchored in different ports of Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and Columbia and disembarked in Miami, Florida.

The event was highlighted by giving the husband a diamond studded Anniversary Ring(2 separable bands). Supposedly 1 for him and the other is for her to wear, but she reasoned out that he must wear them both to signify that they were together, close to each other, never to be separated. at that moment in time, the gift was the most memorable of everything she gave him through the course of their marriage. He was aware that she saved her pennies and nickels to afford to buy them. Playing the penny slot machines was always her way to entertain herself, to forget the aches and pains of times, to unwind from the rigor of her routines, but he was amazed and surprised why, she never went to the casino during the two weeks on their cruise, he pieced the reason why, when he gave him the ring, and thus added the worth of its value, not the monetary tag, but the reason how it was acquired. It was so happy and so beautiful moments spent together, one of the highlights of their lives.

He wore the ring on his little finger(that’s where Anniversary Rings are worn?), and he developed a habit of kissing his pinkies with the ring every now and then, a reminder of 44 years of marriage, then one day, when he kissed his pinkies, the ring was missing. He felt butterflies on his stomach, nauseated, perspired profusely, thinking when he saw the ring last. He retraced his tracks that day but he cannot pinpoint where and when the ring was off his finger. He was assured though that it was lost at their house, because the night before, it was there. He swept the whole house, looked at every cracks, corners, crannies, drawers, everywhere, even the refrigerator and the oven. If, it were gone, how will he tell her, he thought of different scenarios, but none was appropriate, he knew, she will be sad, e’en angry, so he prayed fervently to Saint Anthony to help him find the ring. Every morning and night he asked the Saint for his miraculous power. His firm and unshakable belief that the Saint will not fail him.

Days, then weeks passed, still the ring was not found and he is about to give up, stopped looking for it, he will never see it again, so he was forced to tell her. He told her, he was remorseful and indeed very sorry. She saw his teary, sad eyes, his sincerity, his candor, his courageous countenance to tell her, she hugged him, consoling him, letting him knew, she was not mad, not to worry, she assured him, the ring will be found. He told her it was at the house where it was lost, because of the circumstances prior of noticing, it was not on his finger.

The loss of the ring added to his burdens in life, he felt miserable, depressed and anxieties sunk in, dampened his spirit, the weight on his cross, he thought was so heavy, he can no longer carry, he thought of ending it all, enough was enough, yet life was beautiful not to live it, his mind kept telling him not to give up, to go on. He wandered into oblivion ~ then one peaceful, restful dawn, everything was so quiet, silence reigned, the image of Saint Anthony fleetingly passed through his gaze, he tried to keep it still, but disappeared. He thought it was real, but he was only dreaming. He got up and went to the bathroom to do his morning routine, as he switched the lights on, there was a glitter, refracted on the tile floor by the sinkhole, he immediately checked, what was it… lo and behold! the Anniversary Ring ~ and you know the rest of the story. APOng Atong


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