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Sometimes I think it's wrong,
the way that I feel
I wonder if I'll get arrested,
for making this steal
My mind just runs wild,
when you do what you do
It just feels illegal,
when I steal from you

I'm a kleptomaniac,
when you say I can stay
Sometimes I think the laws,
gonna take me away
For stealing your heart,
and all those things you do
I just can't stop stealing,
every little kiss from you

Tonight I'm gonna steal,
your big bright smile
I'm gonna steal everything,
and make it worthwhile
And while your looking,
I'm gonna steal all your hugs
I know it's a sickness,
but I don't need any drugs
I love how you made it easy,
right from the start
For this kleptomaniac needs
it all,
to help cure his sick heart

Every time you get close,
I start stealing you blind
I steal all your beauty,
and place it into my mind
I steal away your fragrance,
and place it into my senses
Then I steal all your lovin',
before sleep makes you

Tonight this kleptomaniac,
stold your big bright smile
Stold all the love you had,
and made it worthwhile
And when you weren't looking,
I stold all your hugs
I know it's a sickness,
but I don't need any drugs
I love how you made it easy,
when our lips came apart
Tonight I took everything,
curing my heart

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