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 Sonnets - variations on a theme tony parsons        (More) 8/27/2014
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 SWEET SURRENDER malinikadir        (More) 9/12/2013

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Sonnets - variations on a theme

Imagine an aging roue who at a ball let his eye wander to a sweet young thing, rather than the wealthy dowager he had set his sights on. Then imagine that roue first as a renaissance Italian, then an early Elizabethan courtier and then a later Elizabethan courtier writing a poem to the dowager

The Italian Sonnet

Come back. I now confess that I was wrong
to let my inattention seem a slight.
Your every word and gesture's my delight!
My interest - no my passion - is still strong!
I let my focus wander far too long.
Now frost in your regard becomes my blight.
I'll woo you now. I'll try to make things right.
I'll woo you now with poetry and song.

I hope my love can reach its resting place.
Your beauty has entranced me with its spell.
My mind's eye can't escape your lovely face
and in that aspect, I'd forever dwell
enraptured by your charms, your lambent grace
captured by a thirst I cannot quell.

The Spenserian Sonnet

This wilderness I wander - somber, bleak -
leads me on toward winter. I smell frost.
I'll rove though, through its trails, for I still seek
the spoor of dreams, a something I have lost.

Every dream, each yearning has a cost.
But I am ready, eager still to pay
I'll travel on. I'll labor. I'll exhaust
every prospect, 'til I'm bent and gray.

If I'm still searching on my life's last day
I'll know the effort matched the long-sought prize.
For since my coolness drove your glance away
I've learned the value of your loving eyes.

Oh darling, give a fool just one more chance
to see a spark of interest in your glance.

The Shakespearean Sonnet

I find myself in melancholy's throes.
Shadows grip me, drag me into dark.
I seek my bed, but there find no repose
I dream but dreams of heartache, bleak and stark.

I find myself poised, balanced on abyss
Beholding depths, with chaos at my feet
And then my heart imagines our first kiss -
and knows this bitter life could yet be sweet.

Near or far, the thought of you delights.
When life seems futile, I can think of you
And day breaks, ends my darkest of all nights.
My faith in joy and goodness springs anew.

You bring me light - when darkness seeks to reign
and I can't wait until we meet again.

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