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Within the marrow of the mind
There is a sacred scale.
It weighs the properties of life,
And then constructs a tale.

Between the world and the divine,
Artists measure the worth
Of every image they foresee,
In heaven and on earth.

Some choose to paint the Godly realm,
When spirit tips the scale.
Others prefer to paint the sea,
A sunset and a sail.

An earthly scene is all they see
In their imaginings.
And so the world will shift the scale,
Toward more earthly things.

The Lord is absent from the art,
That duplicates a lake,
He’s not described within the light
That glints on a snowflake.

Some artist’s glorify His grace,
With the gifts they receive.
The scales revealed within the art,
Proclaim what they believe.

A snowflake, in and of itself,
Is nothing more than ice.
Some artists see its earthly charm,
While others won’t look twice.

The scales tilt differently for each,
Their values don’t align.
Where every artist’s heart resides,
Is found in each design.

The side to which your muse is drawn,
Is what your scale leans toward.
Some artists only paint the world,
While some paint for the Lord.


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