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~Magnum Opus~

All of nature is a study subject
Painted alla prima with flawless perfection by the breath of the Master Painter
Whose universe is a vast ever changing living canvass, with four corners encompassing
unlimited dimensions of space and temporal time
Extending to the ends of all horizons
And out to the far reaches of an infinite cosmos.

His mighty will dips gently as a dry brush
On to a rainbow palett and swipes in chiaroscuro pastel purple sunsets with radiant orange suns
Sliding gently down behind shimmering tranquil emerald seas — the final curtain call.

Celestial merriment of winking star clusters
prime camera obscura, float in stillness among opaquely grey white high clouds stumbled in thin whispery silver, bleeding in moonbeams’ dim muted glow where sculptured faces peek
as gods and clowns divining storms.

Fresco lofty redwoods with majestic girths of crusty brown weathered armor stand a solitary vigil over darkly deep green forests, pierced by sharp light rays cutting through the arched canopy as spotlights, falling on whitish pale pink mushrooms clumped beneath the delicate leaves of the periwinkle.

Bayou streams with elephant foot like trunks
Gouache and gangly poised above slimy films of algae islands floating, breaking, reforming in endless colony patterns.

Turbulent white tipped ocean waves
raging like shaken bedsheets,
whose soft fingers smooth the rapids to a flat mirror in languid trust of the moon’s wisdom.

Craggy mountain ranges draped
with royal green robes, carved
with the precision of carpenter’s pencil,
walling in sloping valleys opening as multicolored treasure chests of rubies, diamonds and gold.

Scorched desert steppe trees frozen and black,
arms waving over incongruent palms
and rippling sand rivulets shuffling as cards by invisible hands.

And He looked lovingly over all
that He has painted and said, “Well done.”

By John Coates (gms583p)

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