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3 Easter Poems

He Rose To The Occasion

He rose to the occasion—
He was the only One who could...
The path He took—perfect and straight;
His destination—a cross of wood;
He rose to the occasion—
Above death, and sin, and lies...
He rose to the occasion
So we, too, might also rise.

Rawland Storm

Standing at the Cross

standing at the cross...roads winding brought me there;
standing at the cross...seeing pain, I knew I could not bear;
standing at the cross...God, made man, crucified above;
standing at the cross...who knew there could be such Love!

Rawland Storm

Born to Die

Born to die—
As we all are...
But at least He had a choice...
Lived to try
To be perfect for us,
So we, too,
Would have a voice…
To ask
And receive
To ask and receive
Not just for one,
But every nation...
And the price?
Just believe.

Rawland Storm

Happy Easter!

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