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For Whom The Angels Weep

I saw an angel yesterday who's eyes were gently shut.
She slept beneath a willow tree from which three limbs were cut.
They layed before her, side by side, still touched by morning dew
and from the branches sap did flow as blood from wounds still new.

She woke up slowly as she heard my footsteps as I came.
She offered next to her a seat and softly spoke my name.
I sat beside her, wondering now what the willow limbs were for.
She said that if she told me that soon there would be four.

The first she said was for the tears that she had cried for Christ
when he was one day stricken down by evil, hate, and vice.
When man had put him on that cross and shown their hate anew,
that day the heavens shuddered, and tears were all she knew.

The next for when her lord had said that miracles shall end
That day she cried a thousand tears as her will did bend.
He said the world forsook him and that they must learn their fate,
and of what will come IF God is lost, before it is too late.

The third she said was for the men and women of the earth
who have yet to know their hearts and to realize their worth.
She said she cries a tear, each day we let slip by
without a thought of God or Christ or the tears that angels cry.

I looked into her eyes as inside me pain did swell.
To know that our forgetfulness was why these branches fell.
I began to cry and soon a branch did come to earth and land.
And a drop of sap came forth from it and glistened on the sand.

I knew that day what true love was, and just what it could mean.
I knew the reasons angels danced and what caused them to sing.
But more important I took with me a knowledge I could keep.
I knew that day the reasons why, and for whom the angels weep.

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