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Dreaming of Thee

Living in slumber in each facet of your being drifting in contentment,
But this emptiness can't be filled; here without thee there is no fulfillment,
Here created on some shadowy, misty plane in the breath of mine words,
Hazes in these night's not sleeping, but asleep as mine dreams record.

Reaching for comfort of thy shadow as I sigh out the scars of yesterdays,
As here I still wear the fingerprints of your embrace, held in memories,
As thy shadow envelops me in its sweet caress in this lightless dark abyss,
Serene flowing rhythm lulls mine dreams in restless nights of darks caress.

As dawn arrives, as these dreams escape, carried to diamond studded skies,
I breathe you in like a midnight's caress, gently exhale looking in your eyes,
And let thy image rest amongst the stars as thy shadow gently washes over me,
For I know a new night will come and thy shalt paint my dreams so sweetly.

Posted thestarlitecafe 07.21.2014 7:16 PM

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