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Entrapment of Dreams

As I dreamt while awake in an entrapment of dreams where vast shadows breathe,
In a deeply wound about my actual core where here I lose grasp of my own reality,
More deeply into circle breaths that drown in me where piercing rays of glory fades,
Here I swim in the depths of my own mind, as dark clouds hover over in their grey.

As my binded soul can't release, the shivers of recognition racing down my spine,
There is no faith here, nor place to rest within my dreams as here all kept enshrined,
And in these long walks in clouded nightscapes where nothing seems to last forever,
In this self inflicted misery, where misery has no company, yet here I still endeavour.

Love is more so fleeting, than infinite, but if you are infinity, I am your never-ending,
For here breaths in deep notes a symphony of those days bygone but here still sending,
Here battling my own dreams in my own memories as I am still trying to find its place,
This Love still breathes keeping the pace steady within my chest of those days retraced.

Posted thestarlitecafe 04.23.2014 2:15 PM

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