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= Forever Loving Only You =

= Forever Loving Only You =
By: Connie R. Smith aka: Trixie Love

My precious love ~
Each day begins and ends
with such warm thoughts of you.
Whenever I hear your voice -
the very sound soothes my soul...


I feel your touch - I become defenseless
all I can do is surrender to you.
For your touch is with such tenderness
and kisses that turned my gray skies blue...


As I look into your beautiful eyes -
I see a sparkle of love anew.
The very same special look
that made me fall in love with you...


Your smile is like the sunshine -
for it seems to brighten my world.
But, when you're not at my side -
I feel like the worlds most loneliest girl.


My darling ~
Please know that i'll alway's love you -
no matter how near or far apart.
One day we'll be together again -
we'll journey far beyond the stars.


Yes my love ~
I will sail into your world of dreams -
awake your gentle soul.
I'll be all that you want, all that you need
a vision to always and forever behold.


We'll journey into our safe harbor -
on shimmering waves of blue.
To be with you for always -
and forever loving only you...

2015 Connie R. Smith aka: Trixie Love
(All rights reserved)

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