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 The Money Of Sin. Truenobleman        (More) 3/21/2014

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What Will It Take To Wake Up?

There are 1500 Newspapers.
1100 Magazines.
9000 Radio Stations
1500 TV Stations.
2400 Publishers.

Owned By Only 6 Corporations.

The matrix is firmly in place, a tower of Babel remake and history tells of how the first one came



but, this generation is very ill from a plague of short attention span, instant gratification and

me ism. A New World Order is the fight song of the Corporate subhuman reality, and they would

stamp on the forehead of the mass N.W.O if could develop a method to keep the sheep asleep.

What Will It Take To Wake Up?

*Matrix-a mold or pattern.

PS-Thank you Theo.

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