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Politics is an A$$

********FULL DISCLOSURE: This title is taken from an excerpt in a book published in 1969, called, “Ball Four.” It was a diary-type accounting of the ‘insides’ of baseball, the things, stories and anecdotal asides that happened when the cameras stopped rolling. It was written by Jim Bouton, a knuckleball pitcher who was engaging, fiercely honest and quite a bellicose character, only real. One of his teammates was relief pitcher Mike Marshall, who had gone to college and then continued until he was going for his Master’s. He was a political science wonk and he was, shall we say, very vocal about the state of politics at that time. His Master’s dissertation was titled, “Politics is an A$$,” so I thought that it would be appropriate for me to steal his idea. After much thought I ascertained that I didn’t care.**********

I am certain that there are thousands of you (I give myself a little aggrandizing leeway) that are wondering why I am posting a political piece here on Starlite, where no one else does that (giggle…). But I’m determined to make this an actual competition with myself, which tells a lot about my personal life. But I digress. This is going to have myself playing no favorites here, just brutally honest critique of both political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats
So what makes this bipartisan exercise so different from the norm is that I just start ranting and you just read. It’s that simple. So here we go…...

I can understand the loyalty to one’s party paradigm, but the division of numbers, i.e. percentage of straight party line votes is destructive and opens a whole, big can of worms. It used to be that the two parties would hammer out a deal by making huge concessions. To each other.

Now these two symbols of our democracy are creating an inert stagnation of any type of civil discourse, with nothing on tap for the future. Calling out the president by both parties is an easy way to pass the buck and go on vacation. NOTHING is being done, by either party. It’s a pissing contest with the citizenry footing the bill. In other countries they look at that as unacceptable. In the US it’s standard practice.

Now I probably scared you by saying that this commentary would be like a soliloquy from a Shakespearean drama, but that’s about it. When your children are not getting the education that they are entitled to while countless lobbyists get rich by preying on the poor, for both parties. It’s more than ridiculous, it’s actually laughable.

I was taught as I grew up to try to get along, be open for dialogue with your view and the other person’s getting equal billing. Try to strike a balance. Our democracy is forgetting the very things memorialized in the Constitution, our founding fathers vision for the US. The government is insulting the Constitution by fighting like 8 year olds, but with more wordy name-calling. This is one country, and arguably the best country, but we are failing miserably. It’s time for some dialogue between party lines and get this country back where it was, you know, 30ish years ago or so. Even though I dislike this colloquialism, it applies here….the one that says, “Now let’s all put on our big person pants and drop the bubbie.” It’s time our government focused on what’s best for the people, instead of trying to give away the store. It’s time to grow up.

riki_ryme © 2014

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